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Grow in Orange City
Orange City’s location is definitely an asset to growing your businesses.

With over 100 new business license holders each year, Orange City is a great place to start a business and watch it flourish. We’re small enough to make connections and access information quickly and easily, yet large enough to handle infrastructure needs, like reliable water, high-speed Internet access and reasonably priced power.

Perhaps our greatest strength is our community’s strong support of business and industry. There’s a responsiveness here that you will recognize immediately. We want to help you succeed.

Orange City has joined with the Volusia County Department of Economic Development to support and retain businesses that are here and to recruit the right kind of employers to our community. If you would like information about starting or moving your business, visit the Volusia County Department of Economic Development website.

Picture of local bed and breakfast, The Alling House

Picture of local shopping center.


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