Water Quality Update

Orange City Residents and Business Owners,

We have great news! The results from the most recent TTHM samples, taken 1/23/20, are all below 80 ug/l. This means we are not required to submit an Operational Evaluation Level (OEL) which is required to notify the State of Florida of any steps the City of Orange City is taking to reduce TTHM levels. The compliance calculation is based on a running year – quarterly average. Unfortunately, since we were still carrying high TTHM levels from 3 quarters ago, we will remain under TTHM violation until those results drop off in April, 2020. If we continue to prove to DOH that the City is taking the necessary precautions to avoid future non-compliance orders by keeping future TTHM levels below 80 ug/l, then we will no longer be required to submit an OEL Report.

This quarter’s TTHM level improvements is a result of several factors, including but not limited to, the water system looping project , productive and knowledgeable staff, chlorine control through our SCADA system, and the use of reliable wells (South Water Plant 6 & 7 and Main Plant 1 & 4). Although the continued interconnected effectiveness of these key elements are vital to the success of future TTHM Compliance reports, using half of the City’s production wells is not a desired long-term compliance plan. Over time, running our wells 24 hours a day will cause stress and damage in the form of salt intrusion. Unfortunately, this method is the only current plausible solution to avoid TTHM violations. Our future goal is to address water quality treatment by adding filters to our treatment plants and by rehabilitating pipes found to be defective and/or impaired by hydraulic issues.

What is Next?

Staff is submitting a request for inclusion to obtain an SRF loan/grant this week for defective/hydraulic pipe upgrades and Main Water Treatment Plant “green sand” filters installation (https://www.hungerfordterry.com/products/iron-manganese-removal).  A pilot test for permanganate use as an oxidant was performed by FWRA and Staff at the Main Water Plant.  Permanganate chemical use is known as a powerful oxidant that will also remove organic matter.  All pipe rehab planning, design work for the filter units, and Water Meter Plan Update must be completed by June 30, 2020 for August 2020 SRF hearing.


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